This website is a URL/Link shortener, like or, that is made specifically to shorten and customize "group-chat invite-links". It makes it easier to connect people like for a local mutual aid group.

It is a link that lets you instantly join a group chat, without the admin having to add you manually. WhatsApp, and many other messengers, have a built-in feature that allows you to generate an invite link for your group chat. For instance:

The group chat invite links that WhatsApp and other messengers generate are long and random. They look like this: lets you shorten and customize your group chat links to make it much easier for people to join your group. You can print this custom link on a flyer or poster and distribute it in your neighborhood so local residents can join quickly.

For instance, if you are organizing a mutual aid group, you can turn into a link like this:

Follow these simple steps to create a custom group chat link:

Step 1
Open WhatsApp and create a group or go to the group you want to invite people to (you must be an admin of the group). Then, click on the group name.
Step 2
Click "invite via link"
Step 3
Copy the "long Group Chat Invite Link"
Step 4
Paste the "long Group Chat Invite Link" below and customize it:

Custom URL (optional)

For example:

Link Expiration (Optional)

Set an expiration date to disable the URL after this date.

Password Protect (Optional)

By adding a password, you can restrict the access.

Description (Optional)

This can be used to identify URLs on your account.

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